No fluff Just Stuff – Day 1

Just attended the No Fluff, Just Stuff Java Symposium in Milwaukee and it totally kicked butt. Met with people like Dave Thomas (The Pragmatic Programmer), James Duncan Davidson (ANT, Tomcat and lots more), Jason Hunter (The servlet book), Brute Tate (Bitter Java/EJB), Robert Martin (OO & XP), Mike Clark (JUnit) and a host of new people like Stuart Halloway (DevelopMentor) who hosted really great sessions on Java classloading, and XML Schema.

Overall, this was an incredible session and a great value for the money spent. Being able to interact with these people on a one-on-one basis is just great and the sessions are focused with tons of technical material unlike other conferences.

A must-attend event when the show comes to your town or state. More detailed report to follow.