Who says programmers don’t have a sense of humor :)

In my daily browsing of my ‘must-read’ blogs, I ran into this entry from Cedric’s blog. Cedric is another Uber WebLogic geek and the creator of EJBGen, an EJB code generator) The entry titled,
‘import *’ considered bad for your breath talks about limiting the usage of lines like ‘import java.util.*’. And I couldn’t agree with that more. In fact, that is another reason why I love IDEA. IDEA has configurable options on how imports and handled and in most cases will have the explicit import to that class you are using. Cedric is proposing the creation a group called ‘Society for Limiting Asterisks in Programming (SLAP)’. Cameron Purdy (Mr. Fluster Cluked – I still have the t-shirt from eWorld) proposed another group on TSS and I love Cedric’s idea of the merging of the groups 🙂 You’ll have to read the blog to see more 🙂