My habit :)

Just got back from my trip to Boston to find a few pretty boxes waiting at the door. woohoo

My Amazon habit, as my wife calls it has me buying about 10-15 books a month. 🙂 The latest packages include a few new books including Java Persistence for Relational Databases by Richard Sperko, Java Data Objects by David Jordan, Craig Russell, Tomcat: The Definitive Guide by Jason Brittain, Ian F. Darwin and Head First Java by Bert Bates and Kathy Sierra. I am really looking forward to reading Java Persistence for Relational Databases as Rick is friend and a brilliant guy. This is bound to be a great book and I can’t wait to post the glowing review.

Another book I am really interesting in reading is Head First Java. I was intrigued by the description of the book when I first saw the press release. I am always looking for new and innovative ideas in teaching Java and this book looks great. I better post this and start reading — Lots of books to read 🙂 Cheers