Sun proposes new Web services specs –

Just caught this article this article about Sun proposing a new Web services specs on CNET’s Looks like Sun, Oracle, Iona Technologies, Fujitsu Software and Arjuna Technologies will submit the specifications, the Web Services Composite Applications Framework (WS-CAF), to W3C or OASIS for acceptance. Never heard of WS-CAF before.

To quote the article, “WS-CAF, which compromises three individual specifications, proposes a mechanism for coordinating transactions across many machines in multistep business processes. The authors of the specifications hope simplified interactions between Web services will allow companies to assemble business applications with Web services more quickly“. That sounds interesting.

What’s even more interesting is the absence of BEA, IBM and Microsoft from this process. Apparently Microsoft and IBM were invited to participate but decided to decline. I wonder if this is going to be another WS-I like mess.