public class HowToKeepYourJob extends OutSourcing {

My MSNBC News Alert starting flashing, and my Pavlovian response was to click the little red blinking icon in my system tray. The first article that caught my eye was titled ‘Outsourcing to usurp more U.S. jobs‘. A lot of us in the IT industry are dealing with this reality. Most of us work for companies that are either looking at or have already started outsourcing development offshore.

The CNET article quotes a Gartner study and states that one out of every 10 jobs at information technology companies and at companies that provide IT services will move to emerging markets. It also forecasts that one out of every 20 jobs within internal IT departments will shift overseas by the end of 2004.

I guess this is just another reality that we will face in the next few years. Many of us may be replaced or outsourced to some offshore development shop that will do the same job for cheaper. The manufacturing sector faced the same problem in the 80’s and 90’s where a lot of blue collar jobs went to third-world countries for purely economical reasons. I’m sure the same thing will happen to the technology industry as development is slowing becomes a commodity. Companies will look for the cheapest option and that is just a reality of this global economy.

I like Dave’s take on this whole issue. In an article entitled, How To Keep Your Job, Dave Thomas talks about how we need to reexamine our position in the face of these changes and figure out how we add value as individuals, and how can we position ourselves to be effective and attractive in the new marketplace.