Good week for BEA Systems

Looks like a pretty good week for BEA Systems. The stock (NASDAQ: BEAS) is up a lot in the recent day and I caught a few decent press releases about Portal and JRockit.

Saw this article about the eWeek Portal article. Also caught the JRockit JVM Benchmark on TSS.

I know from personal experience that JRockit totally rocks. We just migrated our production applications to new servers running RedHat Linux Advanced Server 2.1 and WebLogic 8.1. The performance improvement that JRockit provides is just amazing. I am also trying to convince our JBoss folks to run it under JRockit instead of the Sun JVM. Will be interesting to see if BEA provides a JRockit implementation for Solaris. Talk about a hot political potato. 🙂 If I had anything to say about it, I would recommend BEA release a Solaris version of BEA. Sun has done nothing but screw BEA, specially when BEA is or was responsible for tons of Sun hardware sales. Another reason Sun will not be a factor in the next few years.