XML Beans: The Best of Both Worlds

BEA’s dev2dev site has an article titled XML Beans: The Best of Both Worlds on their cover page. XMLBeans is a pretty interesting technology from BEA that provides easy navigation of XML data using cursors or XQuery statements. In addition, Java classes representing the XML document is automatically generated based on the XML Schema provided. These generated Java classes enable easy read/write access to XML information and enforce XML Schema constraints. Pretty neat idea and it’s fast. And the support for XML Schema is pretty nice.

This brings up an issue as Sun has been pushing JAXB as the standard API/tool that automates the mapping between XML documents and Java objects. Will these 2 products directly compete or will BEA support JAXB completely in their product line? BEA has typically had a really good record of supporting and leading the charge on creation of new standards via. the JCP. Hitesh Seth, the author talks about it in his article and I second his hope that these initiatives converge at some point. ok.. Now back to Hibernate 🙂

Struts 1.1 Final released

The Struts team just announced the Final release of Struts 1.1. This release includes significant new functionality, as well as numerous fixes for bugs which were reported against the previous release, and supersedes the earlier 1.0.2 version.

Links of interest

It’s just been amazing to see how Struts has grown over the last few years — Starting as a simple MVC framework that was just a ‘controller’ servlet to this latest release that even makes coffee for you. A couple of months ago, a friend of mine (Rossi) asked me what I thought of Webwork – the competing MVC framework vs. Struts. I am a big fan of Rikard Oberg’s work since I got to know him ‘virtually’ in early 99 in the WebLogic newsgroups. Struts has grown and added a lot of functionality over time while Webwork has continued to stay lean and focus on the area where it adds value. Google found me this really interesting rant from Mike about why he likes WebWork. I guess time will tell. I need to spend more time with Webwork to really see how it competes with Struts and how it differs from it.