BEA joins forces with HP on Linux push –

Another smart move on the part of BEA Systems in partnering with HP and pushing Linux to lower the total cost of ownership of the whole application stack and platform. Saw this article on CNET’s and this is great news. According to the press release, HP and BEA will create bundles of software, hardware and associated services that will make it easier for companies to move their systems to Linux-based applications. I’m sure there will be more coming on this as LinuxWorld continues this week.

This is also great for Linux, not that it really needs any help getting corporate backing. It seems like the Penguin really just keeps on marching and it set to move past the web/file/print server role it was typically relegated to. In fact, I really believe Linux is taking a bigger chuck out of Sun than it is of Microsoft and this will take it’s toll on Sun. How long can Sun survive without a strategy? In the past, it has seemed to me that Sun’s entire business model and strategic plan was build on destroying Microsoft. I’m not sure that’s really a goal that’s going to make you money. As a ex-shareholder, I watched my Sun holdings lose over 90% of it’s value and I kept hoping to see a glimmer of hope. Any sign of a strategy or vision from the management team, but I still haven’t seen it.

I’m glad we have companies like IBM, BEA, Oracle and many others that have really shepherded Java into the mature, enterprise platform that is has become and I just hope Sun doesn’t do something boneheader to ruin it all. I’m based my career on Java like millions of other people and I’d hate to see it all go to waste.