BEA unveils Linux Resource Center & Apache Geronimo –

BEA unveils the Linux Resource Center which answers questions about BEA’s strategy on Linux, pros/cons of Linux and the breadth of support of Linux for the WebLogic products. The FAQ has an interesting little tidbit about internal migration to Linux. I wish they would share more information on their internal applications and how they are migrating to Linux to lower the total cost of ownership.

Also caught this headline on TSS that seems to imply that Red Hat will ship Red Hat Enterprise version of their OS pre-integrated with BEA Weblogic. Red Hat will also join the ObjectWeb consortium to further develop JOnAS and OpenEJB appservers, in hopes of creating a compelling Java open source platform on Linux.

I wonder how this relates to the newest project from the Apache Group called Apache Geronimo. The press release says: The Apache Software Foundation has initiated a project to develop an open source, Apache-licensed implementation of the J2EE specification. In addition, the project is committed to certifying the implementation as J2EE compliant. This is an ambitious goal and will present a formidable challenge for the people involved, given the wide range of technologies covered by the specification.

The project (tentatively named “Apache Geronimo”) builds upon the many Java projects at the Apache Software Foundation. In addition, the project is bringing together leading members of the Castor, JBoss, MX4J and OpenEJB communities. We would like to extend an open invitation to everyone involved in the J2EE space, both commercial entities and talented individuals, to join the community and build a world-class J2EE implementation.

What was interesting in the press release was the whole issue of J2EE certification. The release states: Our non-profit, charity status, and our relationship with Sun Microsystems, provides the Foundation with access to the J2EE TCKs, making it possible to achieve certification. I’m sure Marc Fleury will have something to say about this. 🙂