Apache Geronimo vs. The World

It was just a few days ago when I first read the press release from the Apache Software Foundation announcing the creation of Geronimo. I was musing about this in my blog earlier in the week.

It has really been very interesting following the debate around the whole issue of Apache jumping in the J2EE space. Some interesting articles and discussions of note are listed below

I’m not sure I can add any value to the debate that’s already in progress but I have to wonder about the motivations of Apache group. Why would you enter the J2EE space now when there are several open-source/almost free J2EE servers already out there? JBoss has already spent several years building and making J2EE accessible to everyone. In fact, they have gotten to a point where they are innovating like BEA by adding newer features to the server like AOP and JDO for transperent persistence for POJOs.

It’s going to be at least 2 years before Apache can put out a viable J2EE server that one would seriously consider using. And what J2EE spec will they target? J2EE 1.4? So what happens when J2EE 1.5 comes out and they haven’t even shipped a viable product yet? And will IBM, BEA and Oracle stand for this and let Sun certify this J2EE offering? I guess I’ll have to agree with Cameron – this looks like a bunch of ex-JBoss Core Developer Network people working with Apache to screw JBoss. I guess what goes around comes around. I’d love to see what Marc Fleury is upto these days. 🙂