JavaServer Faces (JSF) – Fact or Fiction

JavaServer Faces (JSF) is currently being heralded as the next big thing in arena of web development. As you probably know, JSF is a framework for building user interfaces for web applications. JavaServer Faces technology includes a set of standard widgets and API’s for managing their state, handling events and input validation along with a JSP tag library for expressing a JSF interface within a JSP page.

In my quest to learn more about JSF, I am working on a tutorial to teach the concepts of JSF along with a blueprint application to show off the features and benefits of JSF. Many Struts developers are probably already looking at JSF as Craig McClanahan, the lead architect and developer for Struts is now working on JSF. Craig has also made the comment on STRUTS-DEV that he is going to advocate a long-term migration from Struts to using standards like JSF and JSTL when they are available, and de-emphasize the further development of the Struts proprietary tag libraries.

I hope to post a link to my sample code and tutorial here in the near future here. Not sure I will add any value to some of the great resources that already exist out there. Here is a small sampling of JSF resources out on the net.