Blogs go mainsteam –

It has been a strange ride for blogs and bloggers. First Google, then the NY Times and now AOL. In case you have not heard, AOL launched a new feature called AOL Journals in an effort to stop the bleeding. AOL has been losing many customers to broadband and other cheaper ISP’s.

Although I didn’t start blogging till a few months ago, I first discovered blogs @ the 2000 JavaOne. The Swing team was demoing the latest Swing release and the concept they were calling WebAwareWare with Matt Hamer from Pyra Labs. The goal of the presentation was to show off Swing’s ability to embed HTML contents and they demo’d a fat-client version of the Blogger UI.

Google buys Pyra Labs, the makers of Blogger and Pete just reminded me that Blogger is now 4 years old. Pete has been blogging for over 6 years, before blogging was blogging. He’s a really bright guy that’s been ahead of the curve on this and many other things.

The kicker for me for Maureen Dowd and her little rant about blogs and all these politicians jumping on the blog bandwagon. I guess Blogs have reached the level of cultural acceptance that even the politicos want to show off how cool they are by blogging. The beginning of the end 🙂