Sun Mulls Joining Java Eclipse Effort

Just saw this on Yahoo via this blog. The headline, ‘Sun Mulls Joining Java Eclipse Effort‘ almost knocked me off my chair. The article states that Sun has indicated it might be willing to join the IBM-sponsored Eclipse project. The VP of the developer tools division said that he favors a standard that open-source development platform developers can access to build Java applications and Web services. Even if Sun joined the Eclipse project, they would keep NetBeans around. Why? Is there anyone using it anyways?? (so says a biased IDEA user) 🙂

This would be huge step in making Eclipse the ‘standard’ in the Java space. BEA has WebLogic Workshop and Oracle has JDeveloper and I’m sure these guys aren’t going to give up those tools and play nice with IBM. So it will come down to Eclipse, Workshop and JDeveloper in the free IDE space. (One could argue if Workshop and JDeveloper are really free) The Yahoo article also talks about Project Rave somehow merging with Eclipse.

I remember the violent reaction from Sun when IBM first announced the Eclipse project and they were probably even more incensed with the use of SWT vs. Swing or AWT. I gues Sun will do anything to reach the 10 million developer level.

I am not sure what this is going to mean to the tools. I have used Eclipse here and there for more than a year, but I still love IDEA and Eclipse doesn’t even come close to the features, versatility and speed. I guess I’m sticking with IDEA and will continue checking out newer releases of Eclipse as they come out. Sound off in the comments if you have any thoughts.

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