IntelliJ does .NET

I first read about when I was reading Carlos’s blog. In an entry entitled, Is JetBrains Selling Arms to the Enemy?, Carlos was musing about the future of IntelliJ and IDEA as JetBrains starts making as Eugene Belyaev, President and CTO of JetBrains talks about the products after IntelliJ 4.0.

In Eugene’s article, he talks about JetBrains creating a C# development tool along with the IDEA Java product line. I am a total IDEA bigot and have been a user since the early 2.x releases. But I understand what JetBrains is trying to do. I think the development community will eventually get to the point where we will have equal amount of development work going on in Java and .NET.

If I were a business, I would want to make sure I dipped my toe in both waters to make sure you are not left out on the sideline if something dramatic happens in the industry. The Java IDE space has been getting very competitive as well. With IBM’s Eclipse, BEA’s Workshop, Oracle’s JDeveloper and many other free IDE’s out there, IDEA will face some serious competition. I have been playing with the latest 8.1 release of WebLogic workshop and it is really a pretty sweet IDE. It’s still not close to IDEA, but if you are a WebLogic shop and have some junior developers, Workshop could do everything for you.

Having said all that, I still think IDEA is THE BEST JAVA IDE out there. Eclipse and Workshop will continue to improve and offer the same features as IDEA, but JetBrains has a significant market share and will be able to survive on their own. I have selfish reasons for hoping they make it 🙂 I don’t want another IDE.