Apple to launch iTunes for Windows

Just saw this on CNET’s News.comApple to launch iTunes for Windows. I am really excited as I don’t really like the alternatives in the Windows world. Companies like PressPlay have been offering online music sales for a while now along with newcomers like, Musicmatch and other but they all offer DRM’d version of Windows Media audio download only and not MP3.

I personally don’t care about WMA vs. MP3 but I do prefer MP3 and my iPod won’t take a WMA file. So it will be nice to be able to buy songs from Apple from my Windows machine. Love the idea of being able to buy just one song for 99¢ each or $9.99 for the whole album. No more waiting for Amazon to ship the music – No more paying for the whole album when you just want 1 song and the fact that I can put it on my iPod is another plus.

I wonder if Apple has ported the iTunes application to Windows or if they will use a standard web interface for the music store. I love MusicMatch Jukebox but it would be nice to see iTunes ported to Windows. oh boy!! I’m salivating already.