Sun Drops Bid to Join Eclipse

Just read this on TSS Sun Drops Bid to Join Eclipse. I guess the thought that Sun and IBM could agree and work together was maybe too much to expect. Being an IDEA user, I’m not sure who loses here. Eclipse has a pretty fanatical following and NetBeans or Forte or whatever else Sun calls it is nowadays is probably losing out to Eclipse on the free IDE market space.

In the ZDNet article, Rich Green, the VP of the Development Platforms Group at Sun said, “We both decided we did not want to abandon our constituents. We decided community was more important than cost savings and things like that.” I guess the goal to unite the Java community to have 10 million Java developers to defeat Microsoft is now lower on the priority list.

The TSS article also mentions JSR 198 and if this Eclipse-NetBeans thing will even matter. JSR 198 is a proposal to create a standard interface for adding extensions to Java Integrated Development Environments. IDE’s like Eclipse and NetBeans rely on the plugins that people create to offer additional functionality. IDEA is similar in that as well with the IntelliJ Community Site hosting tons of plugins.

In reading JSR 198, I didn’t see any mention of SWT. I saw AWT and Swing mentioned in there. I wonder if this will create problems for Eclipse, as I’m sure Eclipse plugins have to be written in SWT unless everyone uses XUL. Yikes. I guess this will be one of those ‘watch it play out from the sideline’ types of deal.