BEA making news!

BEA has been making a little bit of news in the last few weeks with product releases and specs.

  • The biggest news came last week when I attended a BEA webinar about the next release of WebLogic server, currently slated to get the 9.0 release number. That’s before the marketing folks get their hands on it. We might end up with the next release of WebLogic 11.2. The major emphasis seems to be around management, XML improvements and support for the latest Web Services standards. I wonder if we will see the beta of the next release of WebLogic before or around the 2004 eWorld.
  • BEA announced the general availability of v1.4.2 of the JRockit VM that supports J2SE 1.4.2. If you read this blog, you know I am HUGE fan of JRockit and I encourage everyone to download the latest version of the VM and play with you. BEA is currently providing this VM for free for the Windows and Linux platform. I use JRockit with WebLogic, JBoss and other Java server side applications and the performance improvement is huge. I was a little disappointed to see that RedHat Enterprise Linux 3.0 was not supported with the 1.4.2 release.
  • Maybe this isn’t really news, but it was to me. BEA is going to include Liquid Data as part of the WebLogic platform product. Currently, Liquid Data is a separate add-on product. Liquid Data is a pretty slick one-way data access and aggregation product that provides real-time unified view of disparate enterprise data including Web services, databases, flat files, XML files, applications any JCA compliant services.
  • XMLBeans is another BEA product that’s moved from the Apache incubation period into the product category. The team is already working on XMLBeans 2.0. I tried to volunteer in the dev-list, but there were no takers. Oh well