Microsoft has Google Envy?

It’s been interesting watching the whole GoogleMicrosoft love affair unfold. I’m not sure but I think Microsoft has Google-envy and it’s not the other way around. Google is the best search engine and so Microsoft wants to buy it or beat it at its own game. I read an interview where Bill Gates admitted to being wrong about not focusing on search. We all know from history on how Microsoft ignored the Internet for so long.

Then Google goes out and buys Blogger and so Microsoft has to create a blog service. I’m sure the fact the blogs in general were becoming mainstream has something to do with Microsoft’s decision to create TheSpoke and Wallop. Just saw I guess Microsoft is serious about RSS – Can’t wait for the RSS vs. ATOM holy war to start again.

Google has a toolbar and so Microsoft has to create their own toolbar.

Now Google enters the social network market with Orkut. Can Microsoft be far behind? Orkut and other social networks like Friendster are pretty interesting phenomenon. Never really looked at Friendster, but Orkut does sounds interesting. Wonder what the guys at Google have cooked up? A couple of my friends did get invites and I guess I am going to have to weasel up an invite.