Struts and EJB

Just saw an interesting post on Matt Raible’s blog entitled ‘Want to use Struts with EJB’s‘. Matt’s blog entry points to project hosted at called StrutsEJB.

At first glance, StrutsEJB looks like a pretty interesting project. It provides base classes and patterns to build a Web application using Struts, EJB and JSTL. I’m sure everyone has a little loose collection of classes and patterns that make up a ‘framework’ or blueprint used for web application development. Mine pretty resolves around Struts for the UI, Stateless EJB for services/business layers with Business Delegates and integration services to connect to databases and other services with a security framework thrown in for authentication, authorization and auditing. StrutsEJB seems to offer pretty much the same stuff plus a few other items. Looks pretty neat – Just downloaded it and will play to see if it’s worth playing with.

While we are talking about blueprint applications, I should plug Matt’s application called AppFuse that’s familiar similar to StrutsEJB.

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