My Dream application finally arrives

It will be here soon and I can’t wait. For the longest time, I’ve looked for this one killer application that did the 3 simple things I wanted it to do – email, news (usenet) and RSS aggregation. I use MS Outlook and for email, Mozilla for reading UseNet news and FeedDemon for my RSS feeds. I also have a Wiki that I run locally to store all of the tutorials, documents, articles, tips & tricks, snippets of code, etc that I have collected over the years.

And now the fine folks at IntelliJ are working on an application called OmniaMea that is supposed to do all of that and more, in one standalone application. Well, life can’t get any better than that. Maybe I can run IDEA from inside OmniaMea and I would be in heaven. I know IntelliJ was working on something like this as I’ve followed the development of Eugene Belyaev’s Beggregator. In October, Eugene alluded to the fact that they were working on a PIM type application.

I’ve been reading Dmitry’s blog and I really like what I see so far. It’s interesting to note that they decided to use C# instead of Java for this application. Dmitry is the project lead for OmniaMea. I can’t wait for the beta period to start. I know CleverCactus is another similar product that’s been in development for a while. I’ve tried out the early betas and things look promising there as well and the advantage of CleverCactus is that is runs on OS X and Linux along with Windows as it is written in Java.