iPod Mini – Daddy like! :)

I want one, now! My friends Chris and Douglas went out this past weekend and each picked up new iPod Minis. I got a chance to play with Douglas’s mini today and I just feel in love. I already own a 30GB iPod and I want one of these Mini’s now. I fell in love, there’s no other way to describe the feeling of holding this sleek and cute little device in your hands. Apple just has an amazing eye for style in everything they do and they make just amazing looking, functional products. My iPod was the first Apple product I purchased and I was so impressed with the box the iPod came in, let alone the device. Chris always rails on the PC manufactures for the lack of imagination and I have to totally agree. Sony and Toshiba have some neat PC/laptops, but the rest of the herd seems to make the most generic, boxy unattractive machines. Now I just have to figure out how to buy a mini without my wife yelling at me.

Update: Just saw this on MacMinute via. Erik’s blog. Merrill Lynch analyst Steven Milunovich said that revenue from iPods should be around US$1 billion this year. That number is estimated to double to $2 billon by 2006