BEA eWorld’s coming

BEA eWorld 2004 is coming up fast and I am still not registered for it. I’ve been to the last 3 out of the 4 eWorlds and I am pretty disappointed I am going to miss this one. As you probably know, BEA eWorld is in San Francisco at the Moscone Center, May 24-27. Tracks for this year’s eWorld include:

  • Business Processes and Integration
  • Performance and Manageability
  • Platform Productivity
  • Portal and Web Application Development
  • Practical SOA
  • Security
  • BEA WebLogic Server Nuts and Bolts
  • BEA WebLogic Solutions
  • Web Services and XML
The big focus of this conference is probably going to be Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) along with the WebLogic Workshop framework. It will be interesting to see if the whole Eclipse thing will get mentioned at all. I know there was some talk about IBM or the Eclipse group approaching BEA and asking them to use the Eclipse framework for its Workshop IDE. I know that would never happen, given the competitive nature of the relationship between IBM and BEA. I personally like the Workshop IDE and the idea of controls is neat for creating reusable components or wrapping services for corporate developers.

I am not sure if WebLogic 9.0 beta will be unveiled at this conference. SP2 for WebLogic server 8.1 just shipped and I’m sure the next release would be 8.5 instead and not 9.0. I’m really behind on my newsgroup reading and need to catch up to see what’s going on WLS land.

If you get a chance, sign up and go to eWorld as I always had a blast at this conference. The educational value is about a hundred times more than JavaOne and I would pick eWorld hands down if I had to choose between the two. The sessions are very technical and you really get to spend time with the real engineers behind the product. One of my favorite parts of last year’s conference was the TechTalk Night sessions where you could meet and hangout with other like-minded geeks. I remember sitting with Gordon Simpson, BEA’s Senior Director of Technology and polishing off 2 bottles of Beringer’s Cabarnet while discussing SOA. Good times!

I remember eWorld from 2001 where we had Zach (Stephan Zachwieja) cornered where we were grilling him about JMS in WebLogic 6.1. Zach couldn’t have been nicer and spent a ton of time with us. I also feel smarter every time I attend sessions hosted by or talk to people like Rob Woollen, Seth White, Gordon Simpson, Adam Bosworth, Cedric Beust and many of the other BEA geeks. It’s also interesting to find the Tangosol booth to hit up Cameron for one of the special ‘Fluster Clucked‘ t-shirts. I still have mine from last year.