IPod Mini: Small Is Beautiful

I just read the story titled IPod Mini: Small Is Beautiful in Wired Magazine and I have to completely, wholeheartedly agree with the article. Talk about love at first sight. My friends Chris and Douglas each bought an iPod mini and the mere site of one will make you buy one. Be warned, it’s a hypnotic almost religious experience holding the mini in your hand for the first time. The minute I held the iPod mini in my hand, I knew I was going to buy one for myself. I already own the 30 GB regular iPod and I still couldn’t resist this one. Kudos to Apple engineers for designing a beautiful device that’s incredibly visually appealing as well as functional. The mini weights just 3.6 ounces and easily fits into any pocket.

The iPod mini looks just amazing in its anodized aluminum case that resists stains and scratches. The iPod mini holds 1000 songs or 4 GB of music and lasts up to 8 hours on a single battery charge. Unlike the bigger iPod, Apple has moved the iPod buttons under the scroll/click wheel which makes for a better user experience allowing you to scroll single-handedly though your music collection. Besides the smaller size and gorgeous form-factor, the mini has all of the same features of the regular iPod.

The mini ships with an AC adapter, traditional white headphones, FireWire and USB 2.0 cable and iTunes software for Windows and Mac. With iTunes, I am able to sync both my regular iPod and mini at the same time. A lot of people would urge you to spend $50.00 more and get the 15 GB iPod. I own both the iPod and now the mini and given the choice, I would trade in my regular iPod for my mini any day. Most of the iPod accessories including the iTrip work correctly with the mini. The only accessory that hasn’t worked yet is the Belkin iPod Voice recorder.

There are a lot of people that are writing reviews saying they would rather pay $50.00 more and the 15 GB iPod, but we are talking about apples and oranges. In fact, I completely agree with Chris’s blog entry about many of the iPod mini reviews. My only complaint about the whole package are the puny little earbud headphones that comes with the standard package. They are not bad, but they really don’t do justice to the great audio quality of the iPod. I am thinking about picking up a set of the Sony MDREX71SL Fontopia In-Ear portable headphones. After reading Chris and Cameron’s reviews, I am convinced. I love my Bose QuietComfort Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones, but they are just too bulky for every day use. I love them for those long flights, but they are not for every day use.

If you are in the market for a great MP3 player, look no further. It holds over 70 hours of music, fits in your pocket and looks great doing it. I wish I could buy a few more of these little suckers for each day of the week. In fact, I really bought my mini for my wife. Just took me 2 days to make it mine!