Metallica Live

This is just awesome. Metallica is now offering downloads of their live shows, for a price @ The first leg of the North American tour of 34 cities is now available for download as an MP3 or FLAC file.

Just purchased the 03/08/04 Cow Palace San Francisco, CA show – Downloading as we speak.

5 thoughts on “Metallica Live

  1. is it me or did metallica sound better when jason was part of the band it seems they have lost there edge since he left and some of you would say the st.anger album is heavey but james just wants to whine like in country music singing he even does it in recent concerts playing the old songs
    they need jason back


  2. I’m big metallica fan from prilep macedonia and I wonder if they can play in Macedonia (if it’s not Prilep, Skopje, the main city, then).
    Please answer

    METALLICA RULES!!!!!!!!!
    Y E A H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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