BEA and Codehaus launch Controlhaus – Workshop Controls

Just found this blog entry on Bob McWhirter’s blog entitled BEA + Codehaus = Controlhaus. According to Bob, aka Mr. Codehaus, BEA and Codehaus have started a new venture to put out Workshop control. The new site, Controlhaus already has pre-built controls for Amazon, eBay, Google, Paypal among others. The site is expected to become an open source community to foster collaboration and further improvement on service controls for WebLogic Workshop.

I have to say kudos to BEA for really acting as a great citizen in the J2EE space by giving a ton back to the open-source community. Along with their work with the standards body’s and committees, BEA has supported or created a lot of open-source projects including XMLBeans, AspectWerkz, StAX and many others along with their latest effort, the Beehive project. I think a lot of the credit goes to Scott Dietzen.