The Cowbell Project

I’ve got a fever and the prescription is more cowbell. :-) If you don’t know this line, you need to download the MP3 of the Christopher Walken SNL skit at The Cowbell Project.

BEA eWorld withdrawals

I’m getting eWorld withdrawals right now. I was hoping to make it to eWorld but didn’t get to make it, as my wife and I are expecting our first baby soon and she’s not doing well.

Having said that, I was hoping to live vicariously through all the attendees and their blogs but I am not seeing much out in blogspace. Come on people – I need content. I need information – I want to know what’s going down, what are the sessions like, what are you learning? Cedric is out in Belize while Cameron’s busy working the booth. The only information I am getting is from John Reynolds and I need more.

With the release of AspectJ 1.2, I was hoping to hear more from the AspectWerkz team and I haven’t seen much from any of the Codehaus folks.

AspectJ 1.2 goes GA

Just read on Adrian Colyer’s blog about the release of AspectJ 1.2. I’ve been playing with the release candidates and it’s nice to get the final release. I’m downloading Eclipse M9 as well to play with the enhanced integration. I also need to figure out where to get the IDEA AspectJ plug-in. Let’s hope the folks at IntelliJ are working on integration with their 4.0.4 release.

Read more about this on Adrian’s blog and TheServerSide

Adrian also had an interesting blog entry yesterday about what Sun thinks of AOP. Sun’s taking the standard “we didn’t come up with it and so let’s ignore it, dismiss it or be afraid of it” stance with AOP.

Metallica Live

This is just awesome. Metallica is now offering downloads of their live shows, for a price @ The first leg of the North American tour of 34 cities is now available for download as an MP3 or FLAC file.

Just purchased the 03/08/04 Cow Palace San Francisco, CA show – Downloading as we speak.

Fucking weather reports

Don’t you just hate it when your stupid retarded local channel cuts into network programming and spent 40 minutes babbling about the weather? Who cares? It’s raining and I’m inside. I’m trying to watch Alias. Get off my screen!!!!