JRockit, WebLogic and AOP

BEA’s dev2dev has a great article entitled Enabling Aspect-Oriented Programming in WebLogic Server using the JRockit Management API that talks about using AspectWerkz under WebLogic.

AspectWerkz is a dynamic, lightweight and high-performant AOP framework for Java created by the folks at Codehaus, with support from BEA. My journey into the world of AOP started with AspectWerkz and I am now playing around with the GA release of AspectJ 1.2. If you are interested, Val has a nice blog entry that sorta compares AspectJ with AspectWerkz.

The article is written by Jonas Bonér and Alex Vasseur, who are the founders and primary contributors to AspectWerkz. This is a great article that starts off with an introduction to AOP and AspectWerkz. After the intro, the article moves on to show you how to enable AOP in WebLogic Server. Great article and a must read.