BlogJet 1.1 released

Just downloaded the latest release of BlogJet 1.1 (build 20) and I am hoping they’ve fixed some of the bugs I have reported in the past. The most annoying bug has been the one where BlogJet just exits at random without saving anything. That bug has cost me a ton of time and effort and I hope they’ve fixed it. I purchased a copy of BlogJet so that I can bitch about it and have them fix it.   This release also supports WordPress officially as well.

In addition to the bug fixes, they’ve added smilies and support for ‘now playing’ feature. The ‘now playing’ feature is where BlogJet can detect tune which you’re listening to (supports iTunes, Windows Media Player and Winamp), and insert artist and song title in your post.

Now playing: MetallicaFor Whom The Bells Tolls

So far the release looks great – I haven’t had BlogJet just close itself and exit and I guess I am very happy about that.