Linksys Bluetooth USB adapter & XP SP2

If you’ve installed any of the release candidates of Windows XP SP2 on your computer and just purchased the Linksys Bluetooth USB adapter, don’t install the included software. Instead of my usual ‘just-plug-in-device-any-see-what-happens’ approach, I read the included instruction and tried to install the software. I got a BSoD in the middle of the install and had to reboot. Upon reboot, I discovered that the installer or SP2 had deleted some system files and I couldn’t even get into my machine. Safe mode or any other mode won’t work and I am trying to find my XP install CD to repair my current installation. Yikes!

Update: Phew!! Thank God for System Restore in XP – I was able to use my install CD to boot up off the harddrive and then run System Restore to get back my machine.