The NBA finals get interesting

Oh wow. The Detroit Pistons stun the LA Lakers and win the 4th game of the 2004 finals to lead the series 3-1. I am big basketball fan, but I really hate the Lakers and am really pulling for the Pistons to win it all. It will be nice to have someone else win for a change, but I’m sure the fix will be in and the NBA will make sure this goes to game 7 where, surprise surprise – the Lakers win in the end.

Low Card Potato?

This is really sick – I just read an article on MSNBC – Betting the farm on low-carb potatoes. Apparently growers in Florida, helped by state agricultural researchers, have licensed a new variety with only about 70 percent of the carbohydrates found in the Russet Burbank, the beloved and iconic coarse brown variety used for baked potatoes and for much of the nation’s fries.

What happened to eating in moderation, exercising? Pretty sad state of affair.

Blog – Record ideas or publish them?

Just read an interesting article written by Robert X. Cringely entitled Together at Last where Bob muses about weblogs and their function. In his article, Bob asks the question if web log or blogs are for recording ideas or for publishing them. Bob postulates that the best use of blogs is to teach us more about ourselves.

This was a really interesting article from Bob, whose weekly columns are awesome and I highly recommend you add him to your must-read list. I just wish Bob would offer up a feed for easy syndication. Being the techie that he is, I’m surprised he hasn’t jumped on this yet.

The interesting thing for me reading this article was the discussion I’ve had with people about why I blog. My answer is always the chicks – Chicks love guys who blog and so… ;-) But seriously, I blog to capture and record my ideas and publishing just happens to be the side effect of that process. I blog and encourage others to do so because of what blogging allows me to do – It allows me capture my ideas, articulate them and preserve them for another day. I blog for myself and don’t really do it for an audience and that’s the hard part to explain to new bloggers. Write about anything that excites you, interests you and the audience will find you. So start blogging…

BlogJet 1.1 released

Just downloaded the latest release of BlogJet 1.1 (build 20) and I am hoping they’ve fixed some of the bugs I have reported in the past. The most annoying bug has been the one where BlogJet just exits at random without saving anything. That bug has cost me a ton of time and effort and I hope they’ve fixed it. I purchased a copy of BlogJet so that I can bitch about it and have them fix it.   This release also supports WordPress officially as well.

In addition to the bug fixes, they’ve added smilies and support for ‘now playing’ feature. The ‘now playing’ feature is where BlogJet can detect tune which you’re listening to (supports iTunes, Windows Media Player and Winamp), and insert artist and song title in your post.

Now playing: MetallicaFor Whom The Bells Tolls

So far the release looks great – I haven’t had BlogJet just close itself and exit and I guess I am very happy about that.

JRockit, WebLogic and AOP

BEA’s dev2dev has a great article entitled Enabling Aspect-Oriented Programming in WebLogic Server using the JRockit Management API that talks about using AspectWerkz under WebLogic.

AspectWerkz is a dynamic, lightweight and high-performant AOP framework for Java created by the folks at Codehaus, with support from BEA. My journey into the world of AOP started with AspectWerkz and I am now playing around with the GA release of AspectJ 1.2. If you are interested, Val has a nice blog entry that sorta compares AspectJ with AspectWerkz.

The article is written by Jonas Bonér and Alex Vasseur, who are the founders and primary contributors to AspectWerkz. This is a great article that starts off with an introduction to AOP and AspectWerkz. After the intro, the article moves on to show you how to enable AOP in WebLogic Server. Great article and a must read.

CVS for dummies

Just found a great blog entry by Chu Yeow entitled Your own private CVS repository via Matt’s blog. In this blog entry, Chu Yeow walks you through creating a simple CVS repository and accessing it via. SSH without the need of setting up the CVS server process.

I use this technique to keep my projects in-sync between home and work and I use the CVS integration tool in IDEA 4.0 that was completely rewritten to support native CVS-SSH.