I love WordPress

I love WordPress – I first installed WordPress a few months ago and was impressed with the fact that I was able to install and get my new blog up and running in under 5 minutes. I have been very happy with WordPress since the first install. Since I was still running v1.0.2, I decided to upgrade to the latest 1.2 release of the software.

My upgrade process started with a quick backup of the existing blog directory and software before replacing it with the latest version. I then modified the wp-config.php file with the correct database information and then just pointed to the /wp-admin/upgrade.php page. Two clicks and my blog was now using the latest version of the WordPress software. A quick update of the template and CSS files and I’m back in business. I think I had the whole thing working in less than 5 minutes again. ;) This is how easy software upgrades should be.

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  1. Thanks, been looking at WordPress vs. other blog tools, and found your site and your review.


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