Scott McNealy – GET OUT!!!

BusinessWeek It’s just sad – Scott McNealy has nearly destroyed Sun and he still just doesn’t get it. BusinessWeek has an interview with Scott McNealy in the current issue and they’ve posted excerpts on their website. In the article entitled Scott McNealy Takes On His Critics, Scott McNealy tries to justify the Microsoft settlement after he spent years bashing Microsoft, the poor hardware quality and performance, and the lackluster stock performance. I’ve blogged about my frustration with the management team at Sun many many times before and I won’t bore you with links but Scott and the rest of the management team just need to go. There are some very smart people at Sun and they need to figure out how to get rid of the incompetent management team that’s running Sun into the ground. A couple of years ago, I predicated that Sun would go out of business in 3 years and they seem to right on track towards that fate.

PS: My brother, who is out in Atlanta attending Microsoft’s MGB (Microsoft Global Briefing) told me that Microsoft created a commercial parody of the IBM Linux commercial. Can’t wait to see it – If it’s out on the net somewhere, please drop me a line. In addition to that, William Hung made an appearance:-)