What’s going on at BEA?

First Adam Bosworth and now Scott Dietzen! What the hell is going on over at BEA? BEA is starting to look like Sun with all the management talent bolting. In all my conversations with people at BEA, it seemed the Dietzen really supported and championed working with the open source community, standards bodies and other outreach type efforts. I wonder what will happen to things like Beehive, Workshop with all the Crossgain people leaving the company.

I wonder if it’s time for Alfred Chuang to step down and join Bill Coleman and Ed Whatshisname and retire or move on. The CNet story indicates that BEA is going to miss their earnings number by a cent this quarter, just like the last quarter. The last quarter, the stock tumbled from around $12.00 to about $8.00 on news of the earnings. Now that the stock is around $6.00, how low can it go? I wonder if we will test the lows of 2001 again? I just hate how Wall Street works with these earning projections, where companies are only allowed to think quarter to quarter and not long-term. I wish companies would stop offering guidance on earnings for the next quarter and just focus their efforts on offering long-term returns to the investors. That concludes my rant of the day!

And what the hell is Google up to these days? It seems like everyone is going to work for Google. I wonder if the people that are jumping to join Google are hoping to finally cash in the IPO market and actually make some money from the stock options they get. My guess would be most people that work in the technology field and got stock options, as compensation didn’t really make any money off them in the past. Maybe Google will deliver on the promise of instant millionaires. Time will tell.