BEA to join Eclipse – RIP Workshop?

Wow – this is huge. I just saw Dion’s posting on TSS about BEA’s decision to join the Eclipse foundation and commit to shipping something built on top of Eclipse. I wonder what this means to the Workshop effort? I went to dev2dev and BEA’s press-release site but couldn’t find any more information. I wonder if this is BEA giving up and falling in line with the Eclipse effort – Eclipse does have a commanding lead in the IDE/Tools market in the Java/J2EE space.

If BEA is indeed capitulating, Sun is the only holdout as Oracle was dumping JDeveloper (I think) and using Eclipse as the base framework. I’m keeping hope alive that IntelliJ keeps on making kickass products like IDEA and can keep on competing with Eclipse. Nothing against Eclipse, I just happen to be completely, totally, madly in love with IDEA – I know, I need help.