The Best Album of 2005

X&Y by Coldplay
The hyperbole around Coldplay’s latest offering is just incredible. There are people calling them the biggest band in the world and comparing them to super groups like U2 and others. I don’t about any of that but this has to be the best album of the year.

X&Y is an absolutely brilliant album that is bound to be an instant classic. I am so hooked to this album that I haven’t stopped listening to this album since the very first day of it’s release on iTunes. All of the songs are incredibly melodic, catchy and bound to be instant classics. The first single, Square One is a great song but it’s just the beginning, as what follows it even gets better. Chris Martin is just an incredible songwriter and the other members of the band are great musicians.

I read a review where the reviewer called the music on this album as ‘silent screaming’ and I think that’s is really an apt description. The album just has a huge wall of sound that’s really loud without sounding like Metallica. This is a loud, rocking album with incredible guitar work that is bound to have you hooked from the first listen.

5 thoughts on “The Best Album of 2005

  1. Agreed…I got this the day it came out as well and am hooked. I love every song on it. I was even going into it thinking it wouldn’t be as good as the previous and I was wrong.

    Hope all is well..



  2. the best?
    i don’t believe..

    maybe the most expected album of 2005..

    x&y is so low comparing with parachutes and rush blood



  3. the best Album from 2005 (from the ones i hear and bought) its Sigur Ros Takk its just something Superb!!!!!Gorgeous!!!!!!!

    coldplay are ok but sometimes boring… “Talk” actualy its a great track.


  4. I have to say that X&Y wins my award for most disappointing album of the year. The album is nowhere as goo as their first two and X&Y just sounds like a pale imitation of the two and is only saved by the hidden track.


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