BEAWorld – Day 0

I finally make it into Santa Clara for BEAWorld after spending 8 hrs loitering around Chicago’s O’Hare airport. I guess I am pledging to never fly United again as their treatment of customer’s just sucks. The flight that I was on had some mechanical issues and so all the passengers got bumped from the short 20-minute flight from Milwaukee to Chicago. They had another flight standing by but they wouldn’t take us because there were 3 United employees traveling for free. No wonder you are in chapter 11 bankruptcy – So I got screwed like a lot of other people and missed my 10:00 am flight to Santa Clara. I finally get to O’Hare and have to wait hours before I can get on another flight to Santa Clara, 15 hrs after I started.

Another major gripe I have with Chicago’s O’Hare airport is that there is no Wifi in the airport. I was hoping to use the T-Mobile hotspot service but they are not allowed in O’Hare. The only place to get connectivity is a lame place called LaptopLane that rapes you with the usage charges – 65 cents a minute is highway robbery.

Enough of the rant – I am finally in beautiful Santa Clara, staying at the Westin hotel and already met a few people I knew. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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