30Gigs.com is down already

After all the buzz about 30gigs.com, the vendor offering 30 GB of email space I decided to take a quick look at their site and they’re already down. MySQL errors instead of a standard error page:

Unable to connect to MySQL server: localhost : '': Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (11)

Check out Om’s blog entry before you sign up.

10 thoughts on “30Gigs.com is down already

  1. I am pissed at 30gigs because all my mail has been erased! I checked my mail box yesterday and there was over 400 mails in one account and over 200 mails in the other account. And this morning when I checked my mailbox, it was all gone with only 6 mails in one account and 4 mails in the other account. Basically, all the mails I had received yesterday and earlier are all gone without any warning or notice.
    Second, if you are typing a really long message to a friend using 30gigs.com, when you press send, your mail will not be sent. Instead, you are sent back to the login page because the session has timed out. So after you log in, then you realize that not only have you lost your really long message but it hasn’t been sent either! This has been very frustrating.
    Third, there is no meter to tell you how much space you have left.
    Fourth, there is no customer service or someone you can contact via email to tell them of your problems!
    The only reason why I had used 30gigs.com was to store mail. Now that I have lost all my mail, I don’t think I will continue to use such an unreliable mailing system.

    P.S. You don’t need an invite to use 30gigs.com. Just go to 30gigs.com and sign up, that is if you dare to use it!


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