BEA offering ‘certified’ version of Spring and Blueprint application

I’m sure you heard that BEA announced a certified version of Spring that’s designed to work with WebLogic at BEAWorld 2005 in Santa Clara, CA. Obviously any version of Spring will work on WebLogic, but this version of Spring has been tested on WebLogic – Another piece of news in this package is the delivery of the sample application MedRec. The MedRec applicaiton has been rebuilt from its traditional J2EE (EJB-centric) form to a Spring’ified version that is also designed to act as a blueprint or best-practice application for developing Spring applications on WebLogic

The Spring-on-WLS package also includes the WebLogic console feature to enable real-time management of Spring beans. (via

BEA has been very active in the open-source community. They’ve supported efforts like Beehive, XMLBeans, AspectWerkz, among others and so they are I think this embracing of open-source technologies (with support) is a really smart move by BEA. Some are calling it a desperate move, but I think it’s a fairly strategic move. In addition to their support for Spring and other open-source frameworks, the purchase of M7 will really bolster their Eclipse-based tools offering and allow Workshop to become the premier development environment for WebLogic and maybe other J2EE containers as well. A company ignores open-source at their own peril and it’s nice to see a billion dollar company get really behind open-source and drive innovation back in the FOSS community. The reality is there are quite a lot of billion dollars company out there running their infrastructure on a lot of open-source software.

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