dev2dev: Streamlining Your EJB Tests With MockEJB

Streamlining Your EJB Tests With MockEJB by Eoin Woods and Alexander Ananiev — Test-driven development is important, and testing EJBs has been notoriously cumbersome. In this article, Eoin Woods and Alexander Ananiev change all this by introducing the MockEJB framework, which facilitates easy, out-of-container EJB testing.

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Daily for Oct 11, 2005

Daily for Oct 06, 2005

Tommy didn’t make the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge :(

Jim just pointed this out to me — Tommy, the Team Jefferson entry into the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge didn’t make it into the final race. In reading the news section of the site, it appears that Tommy was involved in a couple of crashes. I don’t know what this means for Real-time Java as Tommy would have been a great vehicle (pun intended 🙂 ) for real-time Java.

The team did put together a pretty awesome video with The Who’s Tommy as the soundtrack of the video. Kick ass! 🙂

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Interesting browser stats

This is pretty interesting (to me anyways), but out of the 10 people 🙂 that actually read my blog via a browser, 47% of them are using Firefox. These stats do not include things like Bloglines, Newsgator or many of the other web-based or fat-client RSS readers.

Browser Usage

It is also interesting to note that MAC users outnumber the Linux users by a factor of 2.


I’m trying to find blog usage stats from 2000 – 2003 to see where these browsers and platforms were at that point but I’m sure IE and windows reined supreme at that point.

PS: I am using Mint to capture blog usage and stats and the images are generated via screen-captures. I had used Refer for the past few years in addition of Webalizer.

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