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  • Yabfog » OPML Renderer » OPML Renderer renders valid OPML from any source as an expandable/collapsible list. XSL stylesheets are used to transform the OPML from XML to HTML. Two XSL stylesheets are included: one for use in pages or posts and one for use as a sidebar item

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Looking for a reliable host with Tomcat/Jetty and MySQL

I have use pair.com for all of my hosting need for the last 10+ years and have rarely had any problems. But one of the bad things about Pair is the lack of Java support on the shared hosted side. They offer Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, etc on a dedicated server but that’s usually overkill (and overpriced) for some simple applications.

I have a little project that needs Tomcat or Jetty and MySQL and so am I looking for any help you can provide in finding a reliable host that has decent bandwidth, great uptime and Java/JSP support in a shared/virtual environment. Any suggestions? Please leave a comment or send me an email using the link on the right.

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  • ONJava.com: Hibernate Class Generation Using hbm2java » In Hibernate, mapping between database tables and POJO ("plain old Java objects") classes is configured in a set of XML mapping files. hbm2java is a code generator that converts the mapping files into POJOs.
  • O’Reilly Ruby » I am extremely pleased to welcome you to O’Reilly’s brand spanking new group weblog devoted to Ruby! Ruby has been on the "Radar" here for quite some time, and it was time to start doing more than chatting it up in every third O’Reilly weblog post.
  • fatima: Home » JavaPress: Java Blogging / Content Management System This software is a content management system that runs in a Jakarta Tomcat container with AJAX additions.
  • Brandon Werner » Blog Archive » Hey Gosling: This is why we don’t use Java 5.0 yet! » Whenever there is a major JDK update everyone on the Sun Microsystems side seems to love to beat the drum of upgrading. This leaves developers in a situation where they love the new features of the new JDK but quickly find out the rest of the world isn’t
  • Java programming language – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia » Java programming language in Wikipedia – Created by Microsoft?? 🙂
  • Add Zing to your unit tests » Introducing a framework for generic, productive, reliable, and maintenance-free unit tests
  • [JavaSpecialists 118] – A Simple Database Viewer » A while ago I was showing some Java programmers how to read meta-data from the database. I then quickly put together an application that reads all the tables and displays the contents. The initial version had a background fetching thread, progress bar, et

Coldplay on Austin City Limits

I just saw Coldplay on PBS’s Austin City Limits and they delivered an awesome show. Every since I found out about the taping via Coldplay’s mailing list, I had set every DVR in my house to take tape the show. Watching the hour-long concert in HD was awesome.

The show was very intimate and Chris Martin and gang did an impromptu tribute to Johnny Cash in the middle of the show. Then they brought out Michael Stipe (REM) as a special guest and they did 2 songs including REM’s Nightswimming, which Chris Martin called the greatest song ever written. He had some pretty funny banter through out the show. The funniest line was when he was introducing Michael Stipe – Chris said that they called Michael Bolton and he couldn’t make it and so they settled for Michael Stipe. It was funny – You had to be there.

The hour-long set was pretty standard with a mix of old and new with ‘Fix You’ closing out the set. Check out the ACL website for pictures and some behind-the-scene stuff including interviews.

Links of Interest:

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Alexa Web Search Platform Beta Application – Denied

I got my it’s not you – it’s me letter from Alexa. Essentially they’ve denied my application for their new API. Bastards 🙂

Dear Alexa Web Search Platform Beta Applicants:

Thank you for applying for an Alexa Web Search Platform Beta account. Your response has been overwhelming, literally.

In order to ensure a quality experience for our beta users we are limiting the number of accounts we allow onto the system while we monitor capacity and continue to build out infrastructure. Over the next few months we will continue to allow more customers onto the system while we continue to build features and capacity.

By now you have probably already figured out that this is a “you didn’t get an account” letter. You are right. But don’t be discouraged. We will be sending you an invitation at a later date.

In the interim, you may want to take a closer look at the Alexa Web Information Service. A surprising number of applicants described building services that didn’t require the access to raw web content that the Alexa Web Search Platform provides. The Alexa Web Information Service gives access to a customizable search feed where you can filter by DMOZ category, language, and MUCH more. Plus it has traffic information, related links and more. Visit http://aws.amazon.com/awis to learn more.

Thanks again and best of luck to you in your Web site building/research/analysis/shopping/[your goal here.]

Geoff Mack
Alexa Web Search Platform Account Manager

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The next killer app

Here’s an idea for a killer app if you want to make your millions in Bubble 2.0. This is nothing news and pretty much everyone that has ever worked on a computer has complained about this issue but I cannot believe we don’t have a solution. The issue at hand is data: your personal data and moving it from machine to machine or having it travel with you. The promise of storing all your data on an edge server and having it backed up, indexed, secured hasn’t really materialized.

I am in the process of getting a new laptop (possibly a Tablet PC – Wish Alienware made Tablet PC’s) and a new desktop (Media center) and I looking for an easy way to move all my data from my old machine to my new machines. Moving things like documents, music, videos, pictures, etc is easy – The hard thing is moving applications, application settings and other customizations that I’ve created or applied to my machine. Why is this so hard to separate applications and user created data from the operating system? Microsoft should have solved this problem 10 years ago. And don’t tell me Apple’s solved this as there is a ton of crap hidden away in Preferences, System folder, etc. Why is this so hard? I know it’s not the easiest of problem to solve but you can’t tell me it’s not worth the effort.

Once I do get my new machines, how am I going to keep my emails, music, etc in sync? My thoughts on email are to use Gail for most things and IMAP for all my other accounts to keep the stuff in sync. For RSS, I use FeedDemon and the new version does have the ability to keep your read vs. unread and subscriptions synced up on the Newsgator servers. Haven’t tried it yet but that should work. I guess I’ll use an external NAS drive for my document, code, downloads, music, pictures but then I can’t travel with my stuff. I guess I could use Rsync to keep my machines in sync with the external NAS drive. I could also use CVS or Subversion at my ISP for some of this as well and keep things in sync but then I can’t work offline. There are workaround for all these problems but the solutions are a bunch of kludges instead of one simple solution that just works. I’ve heard rumors for a while about Apple allowing users to boot off their iPod where the OS would still reside on the MAC but the settings/preferences, caches etc would be stored on the iPod drive. Why can’t this idea become a reality? Boot off your iPod or USB Flash drive? Is this really that hard? Come on people – let’s get to it and start cranking. The venture capital money is flowing again and it sounds like you don’t even need a business plan. Let’s spend like it’s 1999 again.

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  • Otaku, Cedric’s weblog: The fan syndrome » Don’t fall in love with the technologies you like. Just because you made a choice doesn’t mean that it’s the right choice for everybody. Accept this, respect people who disagree with you and consider, just for a moment, that maybe — just maybe — they
  • Rails 1.0: We finally made it there! (Loud Thinking) » Rails 1.0: We finally made it there! I can’t believe that its been only two years since I started working with Ruby. So much has happened since that its hard to think that I was actually doing PHP, Java, and other tech stuff for another 5 years before tha
  • Java? It’s So Nineties » Java? It’s So Nineties Sun’s groundbreaking programming language vaulted to popularity with Web developers. But now it’s losing ground to a raft of upstarts