F*** You iTunes!

iTunes, my default music player for everything is starting to piss me off. The new feature where it stops downloading podcasts because you haven’t listened to a particular podcast in the last few days is really annoying. Have you experienced this? If you don’t listen to a podcast for a few days, iTunes stops downloading the latest episodes and annotates the subscription with a ‘!‘.


Clicking on the ‘!‘ brings up this wonderful dialog box:


I know someone thought this would be a useful feature but it is really pissing me off. Why not offer an option in the preferences for this? If you can’t manage your own subscriptions, let iTunes do it but if you have a brain and a big hard-drive, I’ll download anything and everything you tell me. Wow. That was harsh – I really must be missing Hani’s bile now that he’s good team player and part of the JCP 😉

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8 thoughts on “F*** You iTunes!

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  2. I’m sure this is designed to conserve bandwidth. I know I’ve signed up for tons of podcasts and then get bored with them. Why continue downloading something that you never listen to? It would be nice to have an option to configure what “haven’t listened to recently means”… number of days, weeks, etc.


  3. I was mad about this when it first happened. Then I realized it was right and I removed those Podcasts. Then I was scared because iTunes knew what I wanted before I did. Luckily there was a Podcast dedicated to just such a phenomenon, so I subscribed to it…


  4. “Saving bandwidth”, sweet merciful crap, what ARE you talking about? Who in the world is “running out” of bandwidth in any meaningful way? Old DSL and cable modem connections provide at least 180k/s, and newer fiber-to-the-curb and cable modems provide between 625k/s and 1875k/s, nevermind anyone connected to a university campus or corporate network.

    I loathe this iTunes “feature” (bug!) and want it GONE! (Or at least, as aforementioned, a PREFERENCE to disable it!) Someone please provide a useful SOLUTION to this PROBLEM.


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