Daily Del.icio.us for Dec 15, 2005

  • Otaku, Cedric’s weblog: The fan syndrome » Don’t fall in love with the technologies you like. Just because you made a choice doesn’t mean that it’s the right choice for everybody. Accept this, respect people who disagree with you and consider, just for a moment, that maybe — just maybe — they
  • Rails 1.0: We finally made it there! (Loud Thinking) » Rails 1.0: We finally made it there! I can’t believe that its been only two years since I started working with Ruby. So much has happened since that its hard to think that I was actually doing PHP, Java, and other tech stuff for another 5 years before tha
  • Java? It’s So Nineties » Java? It’s So Nineties Sun’s groundbreaking programming language vaulted to popularity with Web developers. But now it’s losing ground to a raft of upstarts