Alexa Web Search Platform Beta Application – Denied

I got my it’s not you – it’s me letter from Alexa. Essentially they’ve denied my application for their new API. Bastards 🙂

Dear Alexa Web Search Platform Beta Applicants:

Thank you for applying for an Alexa Web Search Platform Beta account. Your response has been overwhelming, literally.

In order to ensure a quality experience for our beta users we are limiting the number of accounts we allow onto the system while we monitor capacity and continue to build out infrastructure. Over the next few months we will continue to allow more customers onto the system while we continue to build features and capacity.

By now you have probably already figured out that this is a “you didn’t get an account” letter. You are right. But don’t be discouraged. We will be sending you an invitation at a later date.

In the interim, you may want to take a closer look at the Alexa Web Information Service. A surprising number of applicants described building services that didn’t require the access to raw web content that the Alexa Web Search Platform provides. The Alexa Web Information Service gives access to a customizable search feed where you can filter by DMOZ category, language, and MUCH more. Plus it has traffic information, related links and more. Visit to learn more.

Thanks again and best of luck to you in your Web site building/research/analysis/shopping/[your goal here.]

Geoff Mack
Alexa Web Search Platform Account Manager

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