Daily Del.icio.us for Dec 20, 2005

  • ONJava.com: Hibernate Class Generation Using hbm2java » In Hibernate, mapping between database tables and POJO ("plain old Java objects") classes is configured in a set of XML mapping files. hbm2java is a code generator that converts the mapping files into POJOs.
  • O’Reilly Ruby » I am extremely pleased to welcome you to O’Reilly’s brand spanking new group weblog devoted to Ruby! Ruby has been on the "Radar" here for quite some time, and it was time to start doing more than chatting it up in every third O’Reilly weblog post.
  • fatima: Home » JavaPress: Java Blogging / Content Management System This software is a content management system that runs in a Jakarta Tomcat container with AJAX additions.
  • Brandon Werner » Blog Archive » Hey Gosling: This is why we don’t use Java 5.0 yet! » Whenever there is a major JDK update everyone on the Sun Microsystems side seems to love to beat the drum of upgrading. This leaves developers in a situation where they love the new features of the new JDK but quickly find out the rest of the world isn’t
  • Java programming language – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia » Java programming language in Wikipedia – Created by Microsoft?? 🙂
  • Add Zing to your unit tests » Introducing a framework for generic, productive, reliable, and maintenance-free unit tests
  • [JavaSpecialists 118] – A Simple Database Viewer » A while ago I was showing some Java programmers how to read meta-data from the database. I then quickly put together an application that reads all the tables and displays the contents. The initial version had a background fetching thread, progress bar, et