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Vongo is basically a video download service that provides movies on demand to personal computers and portable media devices. Vongo Membership allows members access to their movie library but any of the recent movies are considered pay-per-view and not accessible under your membership. So I sign up for the standard $9.99 plan that’s supposed to allow me to view, download any movie and 3 of the movies I searched for at random were pay-per-view – i.e. no free viewing. To view those movies, you pay $3.95. The free movies that you can download ‘expire’ after a finite (3-months?) amount of time and so you can’t keep them forever – You are licensing the movie not really purchasing them and that’s fine

So I download Vongo to see what it’s all about – Sign up, log in and start downloading movies. Every time I try to download a movie, it schedules the download for another time instead of downloading right away. After I got past that, I decided to try out the live Starz stream while I wait for the movie to download and I get the following lovely error message:

Vongo Error

That was it for me – I uninstalled the application and canceled my membership. I hate companies that make you call and talk to someone about canceling your membership. The web is good enough when you want to take my money but not good enough when I want a refund. The person on the phone was very polite and pleasant and I got my refund right away. And the final straw was the uninstaller – I try to uninstall the application and it dies as some file is locked because the player is still running in my task tray. Why is the uninstaller not smart enough to detect any running instances that would have to be killed before it can proceed? I guess I’ll wait for the Google Video announcement tomorrow at CES to see if their application is any better. As much as iTunes sucks, it still is a pretty decent platform for music and video.

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  1. Well I’ve tried Vongo i had the same problem, however i went on thier chat and they were very helpful, fixed the problem within minutes, i believe a little patients would have been required.


  2. Hi,

    Did you have any trouble removing Vongo?

    I’m a one-person IT department for a group of physicians. We got some new HP laptops and I as part of my normal set-up tasks I tried to uninstall Vongo – as local admin. Apparently it was/is part of the install image on these laptops.

    First I uninstalled via /control panel/ Add Remove software, but when I rebooted a script tried to install via msinstaller but the C:/Progam Files/Vongo folder and files were gone so of course it could not really complete.

    I removed all the links from Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart MenuProgramsStartup and C:Documents and SettingsDefaultl UserStart MenuProgramsStartup, and C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorStart MenuProgramsStartup

    In group policy editor I checked for startup scripts under C:WINDOWSSystem32GroupPolicyUserScriptsLogon and C:WINDOWSSystem32GroupPolicyMachineScriptsStartup – found none.

    I checked the registry for RunOnce entries and found none.

    …and yet when I log in I still have a script that tries to run an install of Vongo! Really annoying. I cannot figure out where this is coming from. Any helpful ideas would be appreciated. Next time I have a chance to work on these machines I’m going to hav e to call HP I think.


    Matt Powell
    mpowell – at –


  3. Hi, had the same problem Matt with the HP uninstall. found this Run item in the startup that causes the Vongo Setup on reboot. Delete the following from the registry key:


    “C:Program FilesCommon FilesInstallShieldUpdateServiceisuspm.exe” -startup

    For some reason this tries to reinstall the Vongo. I am renaming mine to make sure nothing else quits working.



  4. It is just the install Shield Update manager which just looks for updates to programs that it works will. You can update those manually yourself. I think it is a new thing as my new Dell laptop has it to but they didn’t include stupid Vongo so I didn’t have this problem…

    If you’re concerned just turn that line off in the msconfig startup. This way your not deleting it from the registry. If you ever want it back you can turn it on and have Vongo try and reinstall…. ha ha ha ha




  5. Thank you all!

    My father installed Vongo on his PC and he has not only NOT been able to uninstall the program, BUT it has been installing itself over and over again. I only just noticed this. Your comments are giving me hope as to a solution.


  6. I called HP about this reinstall issue. It has to do with the way the pre-installed Vongo. The HP representative walked me through the following steps to remove Vongo, they seemed to work for me.
    1. Uninstall Vongo program first from the Add/Remove program. 2. After that remove “isuspm” from the startup item. 2a. Click Start then Run. 2b. Type “MSCONFIG” into the Run. 2c. Select the STARTUP Tab 2d. Uncheck the “isuspm” from the startup item. 2e. After you removing it from Windows Startup, select OK. 2f. Select RESTART 3. After Windows restarts, you will receive a warning that not all applications have started. Check the box to not see the message again and select OK. 4. Go to this link and download CCleaner
    5. Please restart the notebook and after restarting it please uninstall Vongo installer with the Windows cleaner. 6. Restart again.


  7. Hi there!
    Thanks guys for these insights.
    We’ll make sure that we can provide better assistance to you guys next time.
    Feel free to call us 24/7 @ 1 877 866 4621


  8. Hi All,
    Your suggestions have been very helpful. I unchecked the isuspm and restarted after deleting all of the other vongo stuff. Install shield no longer pesters me constantly trying to update. A lingering question is that Windows still thinks vongo is installed. If I go to Add Delete Software it shows vongo as installed. If I try to uninstall it it posts an error and stops. This is not surprising since I’m sure the uninstaller can’t find any of the mecessary uninstall files. I contacted HP and they suggested that I uninstall it in safe mode. Aparently the (un)installer won’t run is safe mode so that didn’t work. I would like to remove all vestiges of this blight from my machine. Any suggestions?



  9. Type regedit in your Run box and remove any and all references to Vongo. Then searh all file for references and delete any you find. Do this while the program is stopped from msconfig.


  10. Problem:

    On certain HP laptop windows installer starts a windows repair process, known as resiliency, on the pre-installed Vongo application.

    If the user account is a limited user, then the repair process will fail numerous times because the Vongo install process requires administrative privileges.


    Vongo uses a third party component from InstallShield called the Update Manager to help notify users of new updates to the product. This component is used by other companies as well. There is a bug in the InstallShield component that is causing the windows installer to think it is broken and needs repair.

    Temporary Solution:

    Turn off ISUSPM from System Configuration Utility

    Uninstall VONGO Software:

    1. Restart the Notebook and keep Tapping F8.
    2. Select Safe Mode and press Enter
    3. Click on Start, select Run, type “msconfig” press Enter.
    4. Click on Startup tab and uncheck the check box besides “isuspm”
    5. Click OK and restart the system for the new settings to take effect.
    Note: After you restart the machine you may receive a dialogue box stating ‘System is running using Selective Startup’, Check ‘Don’t show this message or launch the system configuration utility when Windows Starts’ and click OK.

    Now, restart the Notebook again and go into Safe Mode by tapping F8. Click on Start -> Control Panel -> Add Remove Programs

    Locate the Vongo Software and click on Remove to uninstall it.

    If this does not resolve the issue, you may have to manually delete the files.

    To do that:

    1. Double click on My Computer
    2. Double click on C Drive
    3. Double click on Program Files
    4. Select the Vongo Software folder and press Delete.
    5. Close the Window
    6. Right click on Recycle Bin folder and select Empty Recycle Bin

    This will remove the Software.

    Now, run the Windows Installation Cleanup Utility, this will remove the registry entries for the Software.

    You can download the Utility from the given below link:

    Note: Please do not click on the link. Copy and paste the complete link in the address bar of the Internet Explorer.

    The Windows Installer CleanUp Utility does:

    • Provide a dialog box where you can select one or more programs that were installed by Windows Installer. You select the programs on the Installed Products list in the Windows Installer CleanUp dialog box. After you make this selection, the utility removes only the Windows Installer configuration information that is related to those programs.

    • Remove the files and registry settings that make up the Windows Installer configuration information for programs that you select.


    If this is the case go to to download Follow instructions ie extract SafeMSI.exe and start it when you are in Safe Mode. This should start the windo$e installer. Then you should be able to uninstall programs from add/remove in the control panel.


  11. Well, at least you got on. I tried for a half an hour and when I finally got through it said unusually high traffic try back. You should be able to get to an opening page and sign up. Vongo is not encouraging when it is a download site, that doesn’t even have enough server space to handle an opening web page.


  12. Vongo updates:
    FF and the slider won’t work when you are using the watch now button and the movie hasn’t finished downloading yet. Random stopping may be due to a bigger underlying issue. Do you have this problem on certain movie only? I haven’t encountered it in a good movie file.

    The random stopping of movies in the download queue over night is probably related more to ISP service. If you become disconnected from the internet over night for a brief period of time and then reconnects. At which point the movie will prompt you if you want to restart the download or you have a schedule set up to stop and start these movies at certain times when downloading. At any rate the pause button also works like a resume button pressing on it when the movie is paused from download with start the download again.

    Old PPV titles are libraries of movies that Starz purchases from the studios which they will only allow vongo to provide to the public at a PPV offering.

    Vongo is $9.99 plus applicable state tax.

    You can still download ppv movies (and only pay for it) even if you have cancelled your account with vongo.

    A third party finance company “theoretically holds” the amount payable to Vongo within the free trial and the actual deduction only happens when you let your free trial expires without cancelling. Cancellation (online or better yet, on the phone to be very sure)before the end of the free trial automatically “return” the money to your account thus, its free.

    Vongo is a legal service, but if you are in doubt with the financial transaction of vongo with your credit card, you can always ask for the authorization code and transaction reference number from the 24/7 vongo customer service and verify it with your bank.

    Tips for a hassle-less vongo enjoyment:
    a.) make sure your system requirement is at least a notch more than the minimum (ask vongo> type system requirement)
    b.) keep the toll-free 24/7 tech and customer service vongo number (1-877-VONGO-21)
    c.) read the discussion thread in to give you an idea on the service (take note how each issue is being resolved)

    Enjoy your vongo!


  13. I had Vongo from the second day that I bought my HP 5220 laptop last August. I enjoyed it. Vongo would occasionally upgrade, but it never had any effect on my ability to download. Then about 3 weeks ago (Dec 20th), I was having some virus problems so I tried to do disc restore and it didn’t work…so I chose disc recovery and then tried to use Vongo again. It would not open, so I downloaded it again and it was the current version 1.33.
    Now I am unable to download anything, and the live streaming doesn’t work either. On downloads it always says “an unexpected error occurred while downloading. Please try again later”. I have tried maybe 30 times. I have called customer service, which is in Manilla by the way, and spoken to them twice. No one can help…even though I was once on the phone with them almost 2 hours. They created a “ticket” for me, but no one from service has ever called me back.
    Does anyone have an idea? I have the Media Center on the HP and I also have Media Player.


  14. Awesome and useful info to uninstall. Thanks a ton. My problem now is that since I manually deleted the Vongo program, I cannot connect to the internet. Does anybody know if this is related to having deleted the files? Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


  15. What a pain in the butt Vongo is! I bought a new HP laptop and decided to pull out Vongo, ran into problems. It kept coming back. But I’m happy to say the best instruction I found to get rid of Vongo was right from this blog.

    I tried uninstalling it from the control panel, an in safe mode, as described in #14 above. #14 didn’t work at all. In fact, it seems to be the canned answer to uninstalling Vongo floating all across the web. But Vongo kept reinstalling itself. I even tried to update to the latest version of Vongo and uninstall it from there, but even that failed.

    #14 mostly worked, but it doesn’t get all the registry entries. I tried a registry cleaner, which picked up most of the Vongo entries. But afterwards I went into the registry, manually searched for any entry with the word Vongo in it, and deleted them one by one. There were about 14 or so.

    That seemed to do it for me.


  16. I have also tried all suggestions I could find, spending two days on the problem. Yes, Vongo can be removed for a specific login, but once you create a new login, it re-installs itself. Deleting all files and registry entries that contain the word “vongo” will only lead to more problems.

    The problem lies in a binary database used by the Windows Installer that calls the InstallShield “isuspm.exe” application/service to install Vongo. For a real fix, the database needs to be patched.

    The Vongo software is by definition “Malware” — see . Starz Entertainment is responsible Vongo’s malware behavior and Hewlett-Packard is responsible for distributing it. It is up to these two companies to create and distribute a fix that will remove the malware. Until then, we can only bombard them with our complaints.


  17. I turned off ISUSPM and issched, then:

    I used the Control Panel’s Add/Remove Software to delete Vongo, then manually expunged each and every reference to Vongo (there are 50 on a Compaq Presario V6101US) files. Be sure to look in the hidden Default User directory. You have to use Search, and look in hidden folders as well as unexpected folders: There are references to Vogon Tray … er… Vongo Tray in every user’s directory, so look for them.

    I hesitate to fool around with regedit, where there are still several references to Vongo. Many of those refer to uninstall, and I’m not informed enough or interested enough to keep fixing an apparently fixed problem.

    Vogon … er… Vongo has gone away. It sucks boogers, and HP should be ashamed of themselves for unleashing this one on an unsuspecting world.

    Is there any point in turning ISUSPM back on? I hate automatic updates on general principles, but one never knows…


  18. I tried uninstalling vongo by selecting control panel then selcting remove. It said that an error occured and I couldn’t uninstall it. What should I do?


  19. Here are the steps that worked for me to get rid of Vongo:

    1. Delete Vongo from Admin account using REMOVE program from control panel
    2. Delete user account (limited user(s))
    3. Add (limited) user accounts back
    4. Then change (limited) user accounts to computer administrator
    5. At this point go into each account and remove program thru control panel as you did on the original computer admin. account
    6. Change all accounts back to limited – keeping the original admin account as is.

    Hope this helps – it worked great for me.


  20. None of the HP’s Vongo removal instructions work. My sister works at Microsoft and they get calls several times a day asking for “clean” installation disks. Trust me, it’s still there. Search the registry or add another user. If you go around deleting too much stuff then you’ll have boot errors.

    It’s kind of funny in a way. HP tells you how to uninstall vongo. You waste several hours of your time and then screw up the computer. Then you have to reinstall the OS. Guess what… this means you just reinstalled vongo !

    Apparently, HP tweaked the Windows OS to make sure you can’t uninstall vongo completely. This is why Vongo was willing to pay HP to preinstall it. Vongo does not want it easy to remove. Maybe they think that if the owner of the machine doesn’t want to subscribe, another person with another user account will.

    HP claims that they only have WIndows available with Vongo, none without it. That’s why HP customers are calling Microsoft to get Windows OS CDs without Vongo. Unfortunately, installing an OS on a notebook is a little tricky especially with the added quick launch buttons found on HP machines. Unless your disks are made for HP laptops, you will find yourself in find-and-install-the-right-driver hell 🙂

    The best way to remove vongo is to return the laptop to HP and get one from a different company. It’s a pity because I’ve always liked the quality of HP’s hardware going way back to my 48G calculator in college.


  21. I assure all that read this blog – instructions on #25 do work. I have done it and if there are registry files left they do not affect your system. Vongo will not try to load everytime you enter your profile, etc. It does not even show up under the control panel in add/remove programs.

    Good luck in getting rid of Vongo!


  22. I’m not an IT person at all so bear with me please. I bought an HP laptop a couple months ago and have been having trouble with a search engine popping up called It appears as an homepage as it overrides what I have set as my homepage. It messes with my desktop, start up, homepage, etc…and more??? I spent all day yesterday trying to get rid of it. I downloaded MS Set Up One Care to look for spyware. Today when I turned on my laptop it blocked the website for my approval. I of course approved the block but interesting enough it said it was in my program files in a vongo.exe folder.!!! I searched the web for Vongo and found this blog. Yes, my laptop came with Vongo preinstalled but I have never clicked on the icon. Anyone know anything about this?? Thanks.


  23. Ben, don’t listen to me, listen to the Chicago Tribune and the NY Times.. Their high tech columnists have attacked Vongo repeatedly. Here’s the crux of it, or in plain english, why you HAVE NOT removed Vongo even though you think you have:

    “Because it uses special encryption software to keep buyers from pirating the movies, Vongo must run at all times. That’s why the software installs those iron-clad anti-removal barriers that makes it reinstall itself whenever a user removes it using the Add or Remove Programs Control Panel available under the Start menu.”

    A ccording to Eweek, HP/Compaq admit that Vongo has cause customers “to return hundreds of laptops.”

    Donna, leaving it installed seems to be okay as long as you trust Vongo not to steal any of your personal information each time it phones home.

    According to a few anti-virus sites, Vongo is spyware. Only HP and Vongo seem to be denying this. Here’s the reason sites say this based on activity analysis of what Vongo is doing:

    Known activities:

    installs programs
    deletes programs
    invokes dll components
    communicates with websites using httpout protocols
    hijacks running processes
    hides outbound communications

    Perhaps the most worrisome is that there is a “strong possibility of keystroke logging” taking place.

    This article confirms that pre-installed Vongo cannot be removed from an existing system unless a clean copy of the OS is installed.


  24. Very interesting read. Zone Alarm had a recent update and I did a clean install. ZA popped up with some info on Vongo. I selected don’t allow, the system hung for a minute and then went on. I will try this as a permanant fix. It appears that if the program is blocked by your firewall it can’t “phone home.” I will follow the instructions and try to remove it. Thanks for the leads.


  25. unbelievable HP. I finally got rid of it by deleting every single entry in the registry, doing a serach on every single user and deleting, msconfig uncheck ususpm or whatever. this really blows.


  26. i bought my hp laptop on janurary 15. i went to mexico for 3 months. i removed many pre installed promotions like aol and vongo. of course vongo was attempted to be installed each time i turn on my computer. i played some preinstalled very simple and boring games for a few days. like twice, the colors on my screen turned bright green and pink and i had to turn of my computer because i could not see anything. i did not turn on my computer for the next few months. i came back a little over a month ago. i was gointo use my computer and i was going to install microsoft office 2003. a pop up said i couldnt because windows installer was trying to install something. i think today is june 7. i am at apublic library using the internet. i rememberd the reason i have to come here is becuse my computer doesnt work. i googled vongo trouble and her i am. i was very surprised to see that there are many others with the same problem and that it wasnt me who messed up my computer. i read hundreds of people hve returned their laptops. when i first opened it there was like dry drops of a white liquid spilled on my computer. it also had very small scratches on some corners, almost like it was used. i was disappointed because i paid very much for my laptop. i have used it only a few hours most of them reading trouble shooting stuff. i would like to return my computer very very very much and get a new one. do any of you think that would be possible?


  27. Vongo update. I made a copy of an XP disc and loaded it. I am not advocating software piracy; however, given I already have a legitimate XP serial number I felt no qualms about this method of acquiring a copy of the OS. When I loaded the OS, Microsoft accepted it went it verified my license.

    Before reloading I used control panel – system – hardware – device manager to identify all the hardware and made a note of the drivers. I went to the HP site, let them interrogate my computer and then downloaded all the appropriate drivers.

    I only had one problem on the reload and that was with a “device unkown.” It turned out to be the HP quick launch driver that I had not downloaded and installed. Once I did that, all the system drivers worked OK.

    The system is much more responsive and I no longer have my anti-spyware program flashing “unknown X” is trying to run. The whole project took a few hours but I’m very happy with the results.

    On a somewhat related note, where I work I make the final purchase decision on equipment replaced by life cycle updates. while I’m not advocating my policy or recommending a particular manufacturer, so far we have replaced 20+ HP printers with Lexmarks and Dells. We have forty remaining printers scheduled for replacement during the next two years. I hope the revenue HP earned by installing Vongo onto my notebook will make up for the lost revenue from the lost printer, cartridge, drum, fuser, etc. sales.


  28. Adobe Photoshop error – change/remove buttons dissapearing – tried removing Vongo

    Hi guys,

    A week back when Adobe Photoshp CS2 gave me an error message and stopped loading completely. A few days before this happened, I had attempted to remove ‘Vongo’ from my new HP laptop. For the past couple of days hundreds of windows pop up when I restart my laptop asking me to reinstall Vongo !!

    the error message that pops up

    Your posts have made me rethink why the change/remove buttons could have dissapeared from the add/remove programs.

    Did anyone have a similar problem? any suggestions to fix the change/remove button and get Photoshop working again



  29. I too bought an HP Pavilion laptop dv2047cl about 9 months ago. I still like the HP quality – esp compared to the previous 2 machines (Sharp, Compaq). However, Vongo, is a stupid move for HP. I tried removing it from time to time – but obviously, a casual approach is not going to do it.

    While reading thru all the travails and details herein – and a recent attack by Spycrush (a trojan, virus) – I wondered how one could put/insert Vongo onto/into a virus/spyware/… profile/definition list. If so, then any of the popular antivirus, antispyware programs could just process Vongo into thin air!

    If not, some smart programmer could probably whip up an AntiVongo program. Whoever does this will certainly get a Hero Badge and maybe a few $Bucks!!!

    Good luck to us all!


  30. I tried the instructions in #14 above – thought for a minute it worked but it didn’t. I couldn’t get #25 to work because my problem is that I got an error message every time I tried to remove Vongo and it wouldn’t complete the removal or un-installation. Finally I went to and asked and got these instructions which worked quickly, easily and with no hassle at all

    If for whatever reason you get an error while trying to uninstall Vongo or receive an error about missing files please go to Scroll to Download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility package now. Download and install the utility. Once it is installed, please run it. Scroll down and look for Vongo. Select and remove. 


  31. Peggy,

    Did this completely take out Vongo and stop the attempt to reinstall Vongo at reboot? Which My Compaq notebook is now doing.

    Your solution looks easier than searching out all references in the registry; which I do not know about in the first place.

    Has anyone considered a class action law suit against HP?


  32. I have even tried to go to the Vongo site where they tell you to just login and cancel your account, well I never setup an account and there is nothing on their site to login to! But, I bet they already knew that!!!


  33. I officially give up . . . Vongo Wins. #14 above only works for a short time. Each and evertime I unclick ISUSPM it works for just a few days and then is back. Usually after loading an update of one thing or another.
    I am tempted to go to the VONGO website and download and reinstall the CRAP and then recheck ISUPM. Has anyone tried this and if so, did it make the HP/COMPAQ “happy” so that it did not try to reinstall VONGO at bootup.


  34. Just finished eradicating an HP notebook of the Vongo craplet. Deleted all traces of Vongo from the registry (after exporting it first) and HD; so far so good. Didn’t make any changes to the InstallShield UpdateService Update Manager.


  35. You people suffer too much trying to delete Vongo. Here’s what has worked for me:
    – stop Vongo client (using the its icon in the system tray);
    – stop Vongo service (e.g. via Task Manager’s Services tab);
    – uninstall Vongo via Uninstall a program in Control Panel

    Using Windows Vista.


  36. Vongo is the worst….I can’t believe it is that bad….I litterally wasted an hour of my life. Streaming errors all over the place…..could not even figure out how to contact cutomer service…..

    It looked so cool…I was excited about the product….

    On top of that…I am relatively patient….those product managers need to get fired….and if any resume ever comes across my desk that was an exec responsible for such crap I will make sure it goes in the garbage….


  37. I am sick and tired of HP forcing Vongo on us. I am calling for action so that HP can taste the result of their irresponsible action by stuffing all these useless programs on the computer we buy, causing us precious time and disk space. I urg everyone who want to get rid of Vongo to call HP support for direction, even if you have already gotten it from this site. HP wants to earn extra $$ by stuffing junks on our computer, I want HP to spend $$$ for their action. It costs HP $$$$ to answer a service call. So, we will all call HP — that way, they know for the few $$ that they eary, they will have to pay $$$. You can find the HP support number from their web site. Make sure that you call them separately for each and every pieces of software that you have not asked for on your computer….. Happy calling


  38. It’s not so much the fact that it reinstalls itself that bothers me, but the question is: where the hell is it installing from?

    I find setup files for Vongo and delete them, but it still runs the installer. What is the source?! So irritating!


  39. I have a brand new HP Pavillion dv9000 Laptop. Vongo is a nightmare! It has all but corrupted a computer I paid $2,500.00 for and have only had for 1 month. According to Vongo, after there most recent update they are no longer supporting a 64 bit Operating System. I urge all of you unhappy with Vongo to call your computer support a least once a day only if for 2 min. Start a campain to have this disastorous service not to be pre-installed on ANY computer systems. We will a least help future generations of computer buyers more happy AND less likely to JUMP OFF A BUILDING!!!


  40. Hi All,

    Vongo is the reason I won’t consider buying another HP. I worked on killing it for 2 days, finally resorted to downloading a fix registry cleaner and it killed my laptop. I had it rebuilt and Vongo back taking up 21 megs in my process panel of the task manager. So basically I know that everytime I use this computer I’m waiting for Vongo to load and then it takes away part of my productivity. Good times…not. Some computer maker is going to realize that people don’t want a machine preloaded to be a great big boon to advertisers and other companies.


  41. If you don’t like to fly, Amtrak is giving away a free month of Vongo, and since HP and
    Microsoft have some pre-installed agreements that cause crashes (see infra) just for
    the cha;;enge i’m trying the free Vongo (knowing I have a personal geek hacker backup).

    Just wanted to let you know that earlier this year Staples had discounts when one bought a HP Pavion and System Mechanic Pro 7 (which I really like because it does everything, defrag, system maintenance, special uninstall and other tools and data recovery plus lotsa extras and I haveMcAfree and the even worse Norton which always leave traces, fight uninstall and Norton seems to miss the virus and trojan one pays to get rid of).

    Anyway, Bill Gates Vista defender refuses to recognize Iolo Tech System Mech Pro 7 at start up, then when uninstalling the free Norton trial(nightmare nightmare) the battle between the new Vista and the Iolo (which is not a partner of Big Bill G) causes crashes until the first hard drive crashes soooo much one has to get a free replacement from HP and then pay shipping for a system recovery disk that no longer comes with hp computers (they have a built in recovery that wipes out all your data which is a pain since I am a paralegal and transferred many gigs of documents before the Vista Vs SystemMech7 Pro started.

    Only after I researched and sent Microsoft and HP the consent decree’s Bill Gates lost
    anti-trust class action on which promised that Vista would allow non-partner programs to be added at start up, did hp and Microsoft say they had a committee reviewing the problem that they expected to fix with the next version if Vista (not present version), but my posting the anti-trust violationnationally got me another hard drive and Iolo System Mech 7 and
    Vista came up with an update patch for the problem.

    Bottom line is whether its Dell or HP or Apple, if you google for lawsuits they have lost concerning the supposedly free programs they load into your new computer (which are
    actually unwanted advertising designed not to uninstall and to continually pop up trying
    to wear you down until you purchase it), then send a copy of the Judge’s order (or consent decree = judge approved settlement), many months later you should get a patch fix, but those who rely on the kindness of retailers like Staples (evil company unless you buy their special 1 year repair service insurance), you gotta know computers are sold at low prices as mass advertising machines for partner products, designed to crash within2-6 months and
    fail completely within one year, in most cases, so even though it is extortion I would suggest
    you pay the extra ten or twenty dollars for stores repair insurance coverage unless you want to spend a few hundred hours getting Bill Gates crew to fix Vista programming that is designed to give preferential treatment to partners products Vista defender always refuses to recognize at start up and fights to remove and crashes unless you buy Norton or
    whatever else hp loads into your new advertisingmachine (OOOps, I mean computer)

    Michael DuPont
    Founder/Owner Paralegal Associates
    153 Liverpool Street (#2)
    East Boston, MA. 02128


  42. After following some steps cited in other blogs regarding removing Vongo (on a new HP Laptop), Windows installer would start at bootup, and attempt to reinstall Vongo. Since the files were already removed, the installation failed. Here’s what I did to fix the problem:

    I did a “REGEDIT” on my Windows Vista Ultimate 64 o/s machine, and deleted all “VONGO” entries. After that, I did a search and destroy on “starz” (the publisher of Vongo).

    There was one entry “LEGACY VONGO” or something like that, that would not delete, but upon restart, the Windows installer no longer runs, and I don’t see any remnants of Vongo on my machine.


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