Daily Del.icio.us for Jan 21, 2006

  • [JavaSpecialists 119] – Book Review: "Wicked Cool" Java
    This book is more than just a rehash of the JavaDoc changes. It points you to all sorts of cool utilities and open source projects that let you do things from playing music to writing neural networks.Tagged as: book-review java wicked+cool
  • ONJava.com: Spring: Integrating iBATIS
    iBATIS walks a very different path than many OR frameworks: "iBATIS makes no attempt to hide SQL from you at all. In fact, it embraces SQLTagged as: Spring java orm
  • The Story of Stardust@home – What We Do | The Planetary Society
    Stardust@home, a project that will draw together users from around the world to search for tiny grains of interstellar dust. The particles are the first samples of distant stars ever brought to Earth from space, and you can help find them!Tagged as: science seti space

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