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I just got this in my email as I suspect did all of the other beta testers of Measure Map, Adaptive Path’s blog analytics tool.  I really like Measure Map and I blogged about how Google was going to put this space in turmoil by removing the financial upside of these services.  I still use Mint and Measure Map and hope to continue using them to get a better idea on who visits my blog and why.  This looks like a good move for both parties involved.  With Google Analytics, Google took a huge chunk of the market that wanted blog analytics but didn’t want to pay the fee Measure Map would surely have charged.  So what do you do with a decent product that has a fairly active and loyal user-base – dump it for cash and I hope Adaptive Path got some money for it.  Measure Map was pretty innovative with their use of Flash and AJAX together and I hope the Measure Map team continues to flourish at Google.

Here’s the official announcement:

I want to share some important news with our earliest users of Measure Map.

Since its inception, my colleagues and I have seen tremendous potential for Measure Map to influence how people blog, and how they understand participation on the Web. We have always expected it to be big, and as such, our desire was to give Measure Map its start and then send it out into the world to grow and evolve into a strong, meaningful application.

Through the dedication of a fantastic team, along with your tremendous support in the form of feedback, feature requests, and overwhelmingly positive comments, have built a product that is fundamentally different from every other analytics application available today. We’re both grateful and proud.

So I said there was news, and here it is: I’m writing you to announce that Measure Map has been acquired by Google, effective today.  For the near term, you will see no difference in its operations. In the not so distant future, you can expect great things from this acquisition.  We couldn’t be happier to find such an ideal home for Measure Map, and are thrilled at the possibilities.

While this is a milestone for all of us at Adaptive Path, this sale does not affect how we operate, nor will it alter the structure of the Adaptive Path organization. Adaptive Path is still here, stronger than ever, and it will be for a long time to come. Above all, we remain committed to the principle that superior user experience inspires innovation and creates business advantage.

Thank you again for your input, your time, and your support of Measure Map.  Should you have any questions or comments about any of this, please do not hesitate to contact me.

For more information, please see our post on the Google Blog:

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Jeffrey Veen and the Measure Map and Adaptive Path teams

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2 thoughts on “Google buy MeasureMap

  1. My beta test application wasn’t approved before the acquisition, so I’m still in the dark about what makes MeasureMap so cool. Does anything stick out in your mind? Are there blogging-specific reporting features that drew you to it?


  2. Hi Ed. There are a lot of applications out there that offer stats – ie. they gather stats and present them to you but MeasureMap’s application is really well done and lets you mine your usage stats by referrers, countries, browsers, etc. Pretty standard stuff but the application using Flash together with AJAX to create a great user interface. It’s just a beautiful application that looks great and is really usable – when it’s not slow 🙂

    Check out the Flickr MeasureMap sets to see some screenshots.


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