BEA to open-source SolarMetric kodo – EJB 3 Persistence APIs for free

BEA is announcing a plan to open-source SolarMetric Kodo, the JDO/EJB3 based persistence engine that they recently acquired under the project called Open JPA. Open JPA will open source a significant portion of the Kodo code base including the Kodo kernel and the reference implementation of the EJB 3 Persistence specification. Once the EJB 3 specification is approved, Open JPA will be an open source implementation of the EJB 3 Persistence standard under an Apache software license.

Interview Series: Kodo—Towards an Open Source EJB 3.0 Persistence Engine by Jon Mountjoy — Kodo is the popular persistence engine developed by SolarMetric, now BEA. In this interview with Neelan Choksi, we discover some of the details behind Kodo and the announcement to open source a preview of its EJB 3.0 engine.

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