Software Architecture is Leadership

The latest edition of Bill Venners’s Artima Developer Newsletter has an article entitled Software Architecture is Leadership. The premise of this article is that a software architecture should not only explain how things are done in a software project, it should guide the team in that direction. Very interesting read, like everything Bill writes. If you don’t subscribe to Bill’s newsletter, you should do that.

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An Introduction to the Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 Specification

An Introduction to the Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 Specification by Vimala Ranganathan and Anurag Pareek — The EJB 3.0 specification goes a long way toward making the EJB programming experience a pleasant one by simplifying development, facilitating test-driven development, and focusing more on plain Java objects. This article takes a look at the specification, and how to build EJBs in the new model.

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EVDO – How I love thee!

So I’m stuck here in Kansas City airport on my way to San Francisco and I not that upset as I have my trusty Sprint EVDO card with me and I’m getting an average of 1 MB download speed. Who needs WiFi when EVDO gives you all the bandwidth you need and it’s almost everywhere. I have been getting 1 MB from my Sprint card consistently and the connection seems as reliable if not more so than the standard 802.11x connections I typically use when I travel. EVDO rocks! 🙂