Daily Del.icio.us for May 26, 2006

  • My 5 CSS Tips — Business Logs
    I’ve been writing CSS professionally now for about 2.5 years so here are 5 quick tips that help me out in my day to day work. I wouldn’t call them best practices because everybody has a style that works for them, but these are what work best for me.Tagged as: best-practices css design tips web webdesign webdev
  • htaccess Generator
    htaccess GeneratorTagged as: apache generator htaccess programming reference tools webdesign
  • the jackol’s den » htaccess Cheatsheet – Mikhail Esteves
    Here is a simple cheatsheet for the .htaccess fileTagged as: apache cheatsheet development howto htaccess httpd reference web webdev
  • Lance’s Whiteboard : Export IE Favorites To OPML file!
    Lastnight while working on some new RSS-related projects, I created a simple app to Export your entire list of IE Favorites to OPML (XML). Click here, to download “FavoritesToOTagged as: OPML bookmarks browsers tools windows xml